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Hard to Pronounce. Easy To Carry. Seems Perfect. Perfect Seams.

At Langackerhäusl, we have a deep understanding of our offerings, not just because we design and make them - we also use them.

 Through our desire to further experiment with the paper-making process, as well as sheer practicality, we had already constructed various paper lamps, clocks, tables and artpieces. The idea of producing a series of bags had long appealed to us and the challenge of accomplishing this with paper, inspired us to proceed. Upon finding an appropriate paper of cellulose and latex, we knew a fully functional paper bag was possible. The next challenge was to elevate the design of such a typically mundane item.

For this, we chose to approach it's design not only as an object or an accessory, but as an artpiece.  

As with most things we create, paper would be primarily used, along with other natural materials like leather and cotton.

We strategically integrated these elements to refine the bag's aesthetics and to support it's construction.

The paper body and it's uniquely textured surface however, would be the bag's dominant detail. 

We maintain a minimalist aesthetic, emphasizing the beauty of our materials and the superior level of our skilled craftsmanship. Metal hardware and zippers, leather and non-leather alternatives, are all selected for quality and appearance in completing each design. Because each bag is constructed by one person, we are able to achieve optimum product consistency. However, our main objective is to create an accessory you will simply love using, gradually enhancing it's texture and appearance over time.