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About Us

About Us


Fewer Clothes, But Special . Or infatuated. Or too banal. 


Only one letter makes the difference. Only one accent can transform a word into another. The same with clothes. Only one accent of uniqueness makes you stand out. You don’t need much.

Rogue is not vogue.

Rogue is rhythm, rogue is real, rogue is respiration.

And it comes naturally. Uniquely natural. They say that Rogue (rōg) is a solitary organism, that shows a variation from a standard. We say rogue is the accent of uniqueness.

..8 is the definition of my daughter’s birthday, she was born by chance on 08.08.2008…and this store it is my gift for her. 



Vera. I am a woman, “skin and bones. Veins and nerves. Hair and sweat. Not made of metaphors. Not apologies. Not excuses.”, as perfectly put it Sarah Kay in her poem. So, I appreciate what comes naturally and expresses easiness and lightness. For me clothes should be the perfect embodiment of these qualities. 




Curating collections and designers around the world, we offer a strong and intelligent perspective on fashion. Accessories and perfumes are giving a distinctive combination of glamour, personality and warmth. Stylish and relaxed, defined by comon-sense.  


 Bucharest store R O G U E 8:

Putul lui Zamfir St. no. 45-47,

District 1, Downtown, 011681

where you can come and try. Or buy.




We choose pieces, a mix- match that describes our vision of the season in terms of colours, styling, textures. We do the buying two times a year in Paris, Madrid and Athens.  We have exclusive brands like Ioanna Kourbela or Moyuru, but we have as well original labels from Germany, Denmark, Spain that you might have meet until now, while traveling. 

Whoever you are, at any age or weight,  if you really like to express your personality, your flavour, your happiness through/ with clothes, this store might be a good place to search into…Our mix of pieces and colours and textures are here in a perfect equation.


She is the woman who really knows herself, is open to try and loves hard, works hard, but laughs harder. She has her own rhythm of femininity and her own way of being natural. She is the woman. 







Look and feel your best

Our clothing is both on-trend and made to last. While trends can be creative and stylish, we don't want you get rid of the pieces after one season. We take the current trends, and turn them into something a bit more classic and timeless so you can feel good about wearing them forever.We choose, we buy. We're inspired by the trends of the season, but also by timeless silhouettes and styles! We are doing the buying 2 times a year and we find new designers every season.We already have a trustful portfolio.

Production, design. We then meet designers at international fairs in Paris, Madrid, Copenhagen and we choose only the ones that have ethical manufacturing as a top priority and originality as their bible.

Direct to you.  Even if we are ' a middle player', our products have the same price as if you are going to buy them from the designer...or sometimes even lower! And ongoing support when you need us, as the same standard as the brand/ designer may provide.