With the spirit of experimentation and freedom as our guiding force for over ten years, our fragrances have grown and changed through time and space. 

In our first decade of existence, you may remember us under a different name. Debuting at the Parisian concept store, Colette (1997-2017), each fragrance sold in-store was made and designed exclusively for this iconic shop. 

After three years of creating scents just for Colette where each bottle was made one by one, we expanded into other stores in Europe and other countries.  

Over time we started to feel stretched thin. We missed those days of free-spirited experimenting, concocting wild and beautiful scents that could appeal to no one...or everyone. 

We picked up our scents and headed west to begin again. Our fragrances, both new and old, are coming directly from our hands to your noses, just like the old days. This is where we belong. 

To celebrate our renewed sense of freedom, we have launched a new project titled WHAT WE DO IS SECRET®. This banner allows for complete autonomy as we launch our fragrances in packaging exclusive to the US as well as more new scents we are currently dreaming up in the lab.