Santa Eulalia Perfumes & More

Who are they?

Santa Eulalia, the iconic fashion boutique located on the elegant Passeig de Gracia, with over 175 years of history, is a discreet temple of luxury, a reference for fashion lovers from all over the world.
It has created a collection of 8+1 fragrances representing 8+1 moods and perfumed itineraries that pay homage to Barcelona.
The fragrances are enclosed in a minimalist treasure box created by the graphic designer Mario Eskenazi, lover of typography and a master of modern design.

Santa Eulalia

How it works?

Our perfumes are characterised by selected raw materials of rare quality, which will make whomever is wearing to stand out. The more the raw materials inside a perfume are carefully selected and concentrated, the more our's skin's PH can interfere with the final notes of the fragrance when it is worn. For this reason we recomand trying  perfume directly on your skin to reliably validate its performance.

Another important aspect of a fragrance its the concentration of the scented oil inside it. To give each perfume a unique and decisive character, we work hard to find the ideal concentration of a given scent, as our goal is to attain optimal olfactory results. The concentration of our perfumes ranges between 20% and 45%, always remain between the legal limits. 

Santa Eulalia Ingredients

How to use?

The skin's pH can vary on a day-to-day basis and for a variety of reasons, thus so can the fragrances we wear.

These variations can be caused by:
- the intake of medicines for a certain amount of time;
- atmospheric and environmental changes that cause high sweating of the skin;
- changes in food consumption and diet.



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