Paper Clip Chocker

At NO MORE lab we have been experimenting with chains for ladies.

Y-shaped necklace is perfect for changing the necklace shape and length as you like. You can wear it as a choker, you can wear it as a longer necklace, you can wear it as a Y shaped necklace! Just use your imagination! These type of necklaces can be adjusted with any type of rings that you like or received as a gift from someone that you love...sometimes rings are uncomfortable and mixing with a necklace its a perfect idea...


Material: Sterling silver
Measurements: 54cm lenght chain
Weight: ~11.73g

At NO MORE you can get what you want!

Our jewelry is made sustainably by hand to last a lifetime.


All NO MORE jewellery is handmade of sterling silver. We care about each piece, hence here's a few tips how to keep your's fresh. Just a gentle rub from time to time will keep your silver looking nice and bright at all times. Don’t get in contact with moisturiser, body lotions & sunscreen or store in a humid place like your bathroom