Open Heart Top

A lurex top that is wide and has an A-shape is a stylish and versatile garment. Lurex fabric is a type of metallic yarn that adds a shimmering and sparkling effect to the material. The top's wide design suggests that it is loose-fitting and provides ample room for comfort.

The top features delicate spaghetti straps, which are thin and often adjustable. These straps add a touch of femininity to the garment and help keep it securely in place. Since they are slender, they contribute to the overall relaxed and lightweight feel of the top.

The A-shape silhouette means that the top gradually widens from the shoulders down to the hem, resembling the shape of an uppercase letter "A." This design allows for a loose and flowy fit around the bust and waist, providing a relaxed and comfortable style.

With its generous cut and relaxed fit, this lurex top offers a laid-back and effortless look.

Color: DarkSeaGreen