Keren Luxury Towel

Kerem is a Turkish name and is the male character of a love story in Anatolia. The story of Kerem and Aslı is known throughout the Turkish world, especially in Anatolia.

It is a common folk story of Anatolian Armenians and Turks. It is the story of Kerem's love for Asli. Kerem Towel has a very raw feeling. It's soft and embracing and light-weight at the same time. Base colour is a bit close to beige, gray tone is not dominant.

This artisanal masterpiece is meticulously crafted from start to finish. Every thread is touched by skilled hands, meticulously washed, and sun-dried to perfection, while the edges are delicately curled to create the classic peshtemal look.

Textures: 100% Organic Cotton.

Color: Beige