French Sunny Towel


One of our best sellers, these striped TURCOs have a tightly-knitted structure, yet offer a soft feeling. We offer these striped TURCOs in 7 different colors. They are highly absorbent and slightly thicker than the Beach Boys, yet occupy nearly the same space in your bag.

We weave our towels using high-quality Turkish cotton, making them more absorbent and durable. Like our other towels, the striped ones also maintain their vibrant colors for years.

They dry quickly and do not retain odors, as our towels are hypoallergenic and made of all-natural fibers. They do not harbor bacteria after use, allowing you to use them for a longer period between washes compared to standard synthetic towels. They use 35% less energy than a standard towel during washing and drying.

Textures:Made of "Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified 100% Organic Cotton".

Size: 190 x 100 cm

Color: Gold