6 Tips For Well Made Garments
6 Tips For Well Made Garments

6 Tips For Well Made Garments


Check whether the thread looks strong, whether there are loose or missed stitches. Gently pull seams to see if the garments holds together well.


Gently pull the fabric and release it to check if retains its shape or fi the material looks altered.


Hold a garment up to a bright light to asses if the material is thick or not. generally, the thicker material, the higher quality.


Metal zipper are stronger that plastic ones. A YKK zipper is usually a sign of quality.


If there spare buttons or thread are included, this is a sign of quality/ Also check the quality of the buttons and whether they all fit in the button holes.


Patterns should always match up to the seams. If they don't, this means that very little efforts has gone into making the garment.





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