Slim Roguette Dress

The dress is designed in the form of a long T-shirt, offering a comfortable and laid-back fit. It falls to a length that typically reaches around the knees or slightly below, providing a versatile and easy-to-wear silhouette.

The dress features a rounded neckline, creating a soft and flattering look. The neckline is not too deep or too high, striking a balanced and comfortable midpoint.

The dress is designed with long, very short sleeves, also known as cap sleeves. These sleeves extend just slightly beyond the shoulder, providing minimal coverage while allowing for a free range of movement and a touch of femininity.

To add a touch of modernity and visual interest, the dress has slits on the sides. These slits, typically placed at the bottom hemline, can vary in length depending on personal preference.

Textures: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastan

Intense colours should be wASHED BY HAND and under 30 degrees.


Color: BurlyWood