How to Treat Jewellery and Bags

Treat your jewellery & bags with caring love!


The  metals used by 3rd Floor are 925° silver, and brass. Each piece of jewellery goes through a complete, plating process which helps maintain original shine and delays natural signs of wear.

Platinum plated jewellery, initially receive a layer of palladium. A noble metal, belonging to the group of white-gold metals, which unlike common metals, is particularly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Palladium, acts as an "insulation", preventing any possible tarnish from reaching the item's surface. A layer of platinum follows, thus completing the plating process

Gold plated jewellery, also receives a first, insulating layer of palladium. This layer is followed by a layer of 24 karat gold, known as double gold or Double d' or. An optimal plating process, which coats each piece of jewellery with gold 1mikron thick.

 Above procedures will in fact protect your jewellery, however they require a care of their own. Contact with chemicals such as house cleaning agents, bleach, or had cream will cause your jewellery to loose their shine.

If you want to keep your jewellery looking as good as new, you must follow the below instructions to the end!

Remove your jewellery before:

    • using antiseptic agents
    • doing the dishes
    • taking a shower
    • swimming (sea or pool)
    • using household products (bleach, detergents etc)
    • using personal hygiene products and cosmetics (perfumes, hand or body creams, body oils, etc)

Whether your jewellery is made of sterling silver, or brass, you must take equally good care of them!

When not worn, keep your jewellery in a pouch, velvet box or jewellery box. Protect them the best you can and you will be able to enjoy them for years to come!



All jewellery from Dansk Copenhagen is nickel and lead free and conforms to the regulations as laid out in the EU directive. We always manufacture our jewellery to the highest of standards. The base material used is copper or brass; this is then plated with 14-carat gold, sterling silver or rhodium.  To preserve the beauty of our jewellery for the longest time possible, we use two to three coatings and add a protection layer.

Perfume, lotion, hairspray, water, salt, sun, chlorine or any other fluids and chemicals are your jewellery's worst enemy, why we recommend avoiding contact with these substances. It is also important not to swim, bathe or play sports in your jewellery in order to take the best care of them.

Please note, our jewellery can be treasured for a long time, if cared for correctly. However, frequent wear will always leave its marks.



Brass has been a staple of jewellery design for centuries, and its history is as rich and beautiful as the pieces it holds. Throughout time, brass has been used to create timeless pieces that will forever hold their beauty and value. From ancient Egyptian rings to modern-day necklaces, brass has always been part of the jewellery making process. Its versatility makes it perfect for creating intricate details and unique styles. So whether you’re wearing an heirloom piece or something handmade with love, you can rest assured that it was once crafted from the gleaming brass!



Brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc. It is one of the most widely used alloys in the world, thanks to its combination of strength, malleability, and resistance to corrosion. Its color ranges from yellowish-brown to reddish-brown, depending on the zinc content. It's often used in construction for items like doorknobs and locks due to its strength and rust resistance. Brass is also commonly used in musical instruments for its ability to produce a warm tone. Along with being a popular choice for jewellery design due to its wear-resistance, brass can also be heavily polished or buffed to create decorative pieces such as trinkets or home accessories in general.



Brass is a popular choice of metal for jewellery design because it has several unique characteristics that make it ideal for creating intricate and beautiful pieces.

"Brass is relatively lightweight when compared to other metals, meaning that jewellery made from brass won’t weigh down the wearer. This is a big plus when I design more chunky jewellery and go for a Statement look " says Malene Storm - Designer at Dansk. She continues " Furthermore, its malleability makes it easy to work with and allows me to craft delicate details with ease. I am as designer very intrigued by the power of contrasts in a design- and playing with surfaces and finishes is my favorite part in the design process "

Brass also offers great durability which ensures that brass jewellery can last a lifetime without loosing shape. All these factors combine to make brass an excellent choice for crafting stunning pieces of cost-effective jewellery.



Have you ever considered why brass jewellery can leave a dark shadow on your skin? Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper, making it prone to oxidizing as time goes by. This oxidation process can be sped up with the presence of acid, sweat and salt! It's not permanent - cleaning it off with soap and water or taking it off when you're playing sports should do the trick. That's why they say: if you want your jewellery to look shiny and new for longer, we recommend polishing brass jewellery and taking it off when you get the chance!


Affordable luxury.

Danish designed jewellery Dansk Copenhagen creates wearable, eye-catching pieces for today’s modern woman.

"We seek to inspire a new generation of talent with jewellery designed for the sophisticated, the brave and the ambitious."





One of the most important issues, when caring for your leather bag, is to always handle it with clean hands! Leather tends to absorb oily stains, such as those left by our hands.

If you realize that your bag is stained, you must clean it immediately. Organic stains such as food stain, grease, blood, etc, can be removed with the use of white chalk dust. Simply crush some white chalk, and place the dust on the stain. Let it sit overnight and then gently wipe away, with a soft cloth.

When you do not use your bag, it is advised that you store it. Proper storage would be in the pouch the bag was in when you purchased it. If no pouch is a available, use a soft, cotton pillowcase. Prior to storing the bag, make sure it is filled with crushed paper or bubble wrap! This will help keep its shape, and avoid the formation of crinkles.




Treat your jewellery with affection

Katerina Vassou Jewellery is created with fine materials and using techniques of the highest standards, so that, with proper care, you can wear and enjoy it for years to come.

In order to keep your jewellery bright and flawless:

– Be sure to keep necklaces and bracelets fastened, to minimize any scratching or tangling.

– Always remove your jewellery before washing your hands, swimming, exercising, housecleaning, sleeping or applying any kind of personal body and beauty product.

– Store your jewellery away from the sun, in a jewellery box or pouch separately, to avoid them getting tangled up or banged against other pieces. If possible, store in an airtight container, to prevent from oxidizing.

Try to maintain their timeless beauty!