Hossegor - Perfume 60ml Woody Aromatic

The mysterious, the unlikely, the ultimate enigma.  A Lab on Fire® is a limited-production fragrance house, a brilliant collaboration with the brightest talents in the industry to create original fragrances of the highest ingenuity, freshness and quality.  Each fragrance is designed by a famous nose to be contemporary, refined, and rich.  Each package design emphasizes simplicity and industrial chic.

This is the pitch behind Hossegor, one of the most original and compelling oceanic scents we've experienced in quite some time. Inspired by the resort town deep in the south of France, an unforgettable pairing of beachside surfer's paradise and a lush marine lake, Hossegor the scent delivers a bracing, invigorating, and ultimately deeply soothing combination of mineral, herbaceous, woodsy, and aromatic notes that tap into a near-primal sense of sublimity. From a compellingly spicy, green, and herbaceous opening of fiery black pepper and resinous mastic to a rich aromatic heart of sage and oceanic sea salt, every note feels powerful yet balanced, naturalistic yet stylish, and glowing with the tempered warmth of the glowing sun setting over the rapidly cooling, tree-lined lakeside. A Lab On Fire has chased the sun everywhere from Ipanema to the South Pacific, but with Hossegor, they may have found their best destination yet.

Top Notes: Juniper, Lentisque (mastic), Black Pepper, Sea Salt
Heart Notes: Clary Sage Absolute, Orris Root, Olibanum Resin, Solar Accord
Base Notes: Ambergris, Vetiver, Mineral Musks, Wet Woods, Ambrox, Sea Moss

Woody aromatic

Soulful, nature

Perfumer: Mackenzie Reilly