Americano Skirt

This skirt is crafted from a blend of two soft and smooth fabrics, viscose, and silk. The combination of these materials gives the skirt a luxurious and elegant appearance, with a beautiful drape and a gentle sheen.

The skirt is long, likely reaching the ankle, creating an elongating and graceful silhouette for the wearer. The flowing nature of the fabric allows the skirt to move gracefully with every step, giving it an ethereal quality. One of the practical features of this skirt is the presence of side pockets. These pockets add a touch of convenience, allowing the wearer to carry small essentials like keys or a phone without needing a separate bag.

Textures: 70% Viscose, 30% Silk

Length: 90 cm  | Waist: 32 cm up to 43 cm | adjustable elasticated waistband on the back

Color: DarkOliveGreen