A Life Ring

Affordable luxury rings.

Danish designed jewellery Dansk Copenhagen creates wearable, eye-catching pieces for today's modern woman.

"We seek to inspire a new generation of talent with jewellery designed for the sophisticated, the brave and the ambitious."

The base material used is copper or brass; this is then plated with 14. carat gold, sterling silver, hematite, rose gold or rhodium. Rhodium is a fine precious metal such as silver but the advantage of rhodium is that it (unlike silver) does not oxidize. In addition, our jewellery are made of semi precious stones, beads, glass - or fresh water pearls, Mother of Pearl and enamels all selected from the best quality available. All sticks at our earrings are made of surgical steel.






BASE MATERIAL        Copper plating Silver

Mix your metals with these multi-coloured pieces and they will add a simple uniqueness to your outfit.

Color: Silver